The decision has been made, the motivation is high: you want to stop smoking 🙂


Acupuncture is a good way to resist the desire for a cigarette. This is especially important in the first days after quitting, when the desire to smoke is very often noticeable. Accompanying changes to a healthier lifestyle (diet, exercise, physical measures) support this critical period considerably.


Patients often report that after acupuncture …

  • no longer feel the need to smoke
  • become calmer and more balanced
  • have a more restful sleep
  • the vegetative symptoms, e.g. sweating, shaky hands disappear
  • do not notice a large increase in weight


In my practice, I usually use ear acupuncture for smoking cessation. Tiny, sterile permanent needles are placed in specific acupuncture points on the ear where they remain for a few days. The advantage of a permanent needle is that it is a kind of home therapy, i.e. you stimulate the points yourself in between, which increases the effectiveness of the therapy. As a rule, three to six acupuncture sessions are required for smoking cessation.


By giving up smoking, you gain many times over:

  • More health for you and your family members!
  • Beauty and appearance: non-smokers are more attractive!
  • Fitness: your lungs can breathe easier!
  • You save a lot of money!
  • You effectively save time!
  • Confidence in your own abilities: you have made it!
  • The feeling of being free…


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