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Health week on Mallorca according to TCM

    individual care

Mallorca is called "La Luminosa" by the locals - the shining one! Yes, it is a place on our earth with wonderful, radiant energy and is perfect for nourishing and activating the Qi within us. I cordially invite you to spend a health week with me here on this island ...

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Coaching for body, mind and soul

    also by telephone or Zoom

How can I better cope with the challenges of life during this time? How can I raise my energy level? How do I manage to let go of my worries, fears and the resulting physical symptoms? How do I manage to deal with difficult situations? How do I find my inner peace, away from stress and hectic?

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Meditation and Awareness Seminar

    Apr. 2nd, 2023 - 10-12.00 a.m.

How do I manage to meditate alone and be completely in the NOW? How can I let go of my thoughts and negative feelings and experience peace of mind? How can I integrate meditation into my everyday life? How can I direct and let energies flow in my body?

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    with the help of acupuncture

The decision is made, the motivation is high: you want to quit smoking. Acupuncture offers a good way to resist the desire for a cigarette.

By giving up smoking, you gain many things: health, beauty, charisma, fitness, money, freedom...

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Stronger immune system with TCM

    Now its the right time...

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers a wonderful opportunity to treat susceptibility to infections and immune deficiencies. We will discuss your situation in an initial consultation, after which you will receive a therapy recommendation that is individually tailored to your needs.

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