COACHING for body, mind and soul


Do you often ask yourself such or similar questions?

  • How can I cope better with the challenges of life at this time?
  • How can I grow old healthily?
  • How can I raise my energy level?
  • How do I manage to let go of my worries, fears and the resulting physical symptoms?
  • How do I manage to deal with difficult situations?
  • How do I find my inner peace, away from stress and hectic?
  • What can I do for my inner and outer beauty?


My great wish is to support you on your physical and psychological self-healing journey. I give you tools that you can use in your everyday life to help yourself and bring yourself into physical, mental and spiritual harmony.

For this purpose, we have a wealth of holistic possibilities from naturopathy and easily accessible spiritual teachings at our disposal – e.g. Traditional Chinese Medicine with self-acupressure of individual physically and emotionally effective acupuncture points, with tips from the Five Elements Diet, with gifts from the naturopathic pharmacy, with enriching meditations, with powerful, energetic exercises, with light yoga exercises, with a Bach Flower Blend … according to your individual needs.

Do you feel addressed and want to take the helm for your physical, mental and spiritual health into your own hands? Then I am very happy about your request → Contact me.

By the way:
a coaching session and the methods offered are very well suited for an online meeting via Zoom. From experience, it comes very close to a personal conversation.