Bach Flower Therapy


When, due to external or internal circumstances, our mental balance is lost and our inner harmony is out of balance, an illness can break out on a physical level.

The English physician Dr. Edward Bach discovered that the energies of flowers have a regulating effect on the human psyche. Thus, these flowers act as a catalyst between body, mind and soul and can balance and harmonize “negative soul states” such as fear, insecurity, despair, shyness, sadness, etc.

Bach flowers support the self-healing powers and can also improve physical symptoms through their holistic effect.


Ask yourself:

  • Do I feel insecure in some situations?
  • Do I suffer from anxiety or panic disorders?
  • Do I worry too much, about myself or about others?
  • Am I too overwhelmed and do I get sick easily?
  • Do I have no courage or do I feel unmotivated?
  • Do my thoughts circle incessantly around the same topic?
  • Do I often feel irritated, intolerant and impatient?
  • Am I tormented by sadness or loneliness?
  • Am I still under shock due to a personal catastrophe (disappointment, separation, accident, dismissal, …) and do I feel blocked by it?


If these questions or other negative states of mind apply to you, the Bach flowers can help you to master your current life situation, to regain your original health and inner well-being.

After my detailed anamnesis, a flower mixture is determined and compiled from the 38 different Bach flowers, individually suitable for your situation.