Biophysical Theraphies


For over 15 years I have been successfully using the wonderful and very effective therapy system SANZA in my practice and for myself personally.

Here you can find detailed information: SANZA


SANZA is a multifunctional biophysical therapy station – the latest result of research and advancement of medical technology. SANZA is a combination therapy of:

  • Envelope signals of pulsating magnetic fields
  • laser therapy with soft laser
  • biofrequency therapy


Possible effects of pulsating magnetic field therapy:

  • improved cell regeneration
  • activation of the immune system
  • increase of physical performance and well-being
  • increased supply and disposal of tissue structures
  • improved flow properties of the blood
  • raising of the pain sensitivity threshold


Laser therapy with soft laser:

  • intensive punctual application of magnetic envelopes
  • treatment of acupuncture points without needles
  • Trigger point treatment
  • Reflex zone treatment


Biofrequency therapy:

Microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites can be triggers of inflammatory processes and of diseases in the human body. Biofrequency therapy takes advantage of the fact that these microorganisms can be influenced by their very own frequency patterns. They are transmitted into the body through the hand electrodes.

Depending on individual needs and stress situations, regular cures with biofrequency current can reduce these harmful microbes, and also have a stimulating and strengthening effect on our immune system. In combination with the envelope applications, there is an even stronger effect, as it has been proven (e.g. by observing the blood cells in the dark field microscope) that they can activate the body’s own self-cleansing processes and strengthen the immune system.